Articles that I have clipped over the years. Whether because I agreed with them, loved them, hated them, or found them interesting, these are articles I thought were worth tracking. The articles are (or should) be ordered by when I first encountered them, descending.

UTC is enough for everyone…right?

Zach Holman, 2018-05-28

The Great A.I. Awakening

The New York Times, Gideon Lewis-Kraus, 2016-12-14

Every Story is the Same

YouTube, Will Schoder, 2016-11-23

Every Company Should Offer Mental Health Days, Joel Leon, 2016-11-02

Applying the Linus Torvalds “Good Taste” Coding Requirement, Brian Barto, 2016-10-25

How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016

Hackernoon, Jose Aguinaga, 2016-10-03

Waste not want not: Sweden to give tax breaks for repairs

The Guardian, Richard Orange, 2016-09-19

Woman shoots drone: “It hovered for a second and I blasted it to smithereens.”

Ars Technica, Cyrus Farivar, 2016-08-29

Blame the Internet of Things for today’s web blackout

Engadget, Jessica Conditt, 2016-10-21

Data Mining for Dates

The Moth, Chris McKinlay, 2016-09-06

Exploits patched by Apple today hint at years of surreptitious government hacks

TechCrunch, Devin Coldewey, 2016-08-25

Everything is possible but nothing is free

Signal v. Noise, DHH, 2016-04-04

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team

The New York Times Magazine, Charles Duhigg, 2016-02-25

The secret ingredient that makes some teams better than others

TED, Margaret Heffernan, 2015-05-05

Simple Made Easy

InfoQ, Rich Hickey, 2011-10-20