My commonly used zfs commands. I find the Arch Wiki ZFS article to be a great resource, and is more complete and meaningful reference than my commonly used commands listed here.

Export a pool from a machine

This should be done before unplugging drives and plugging them into a new machine.

sudo zpool export mypool

List pools

sudo zpool list

List datasets

sudo zfs list

Change encrypted dataset key location

sudo zfs set keylocation=file:///keys/my.key mypool/mydataset

View/get encrypted dataset key location

sudo zfs get keylocation mypool/mydataset

Load the key for a dataset

sudo zfs load-key -r mypool/mydataset

Mount a dataset

sudo zfs mount mypool/mydataset

Change the mountpoint of a pool

sudo zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/whatever mypool

Change the mountpoint of a dataset

sudo zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/whatever mypool/mydataset

Create a zpool dataset with encryption

sudo zfs create -o encryption=on -o keyformat=raw -o keylocation=file:///keys/my.key mypool/mydataset

Destroy a zpool

zpool destroy mypool