The Adafruit Feather RP2040 is an Adafruit Feather device that uses the same processor as a Raspberry Pi Pico.

The Adafruit Music Maker FeatherWing is an audio playback shield designed for Adafruit Feather devices.

After soldering headers or otherwise wiring the two devices together Adafruit’s sample code can be used to play audio files.

I found the sample code did not work for me.

A reddit thread highlights the unofficial Arduino-Pico library. Using that library in the Arduino IDE along with some adjustments from the Flashgamer website got things working for me.

Specifically, certain pins had to be changed for the RP2040 like so.

#define VS1053_RESET -1 // VS1053 reset pin (not used!)
#define VS1053_CS 8     // VS1053 chip select pin (output)
#define VS1053_DCS 10   // VS1053 Data/command select pin (output)
#define CARDCS 7        // Card chip select pin
#define VS1053_DREQ 9   // VS1053 Data request, ideally an Interrupt pin

With that library and the code changes the Adafruit sample code worked properly for me.